But if our hearts shall turn away so that we will not obey, but shall be seduced and worship other gods, our pleasures and profits, and serve them…we shall surely perish out of the good Land whether we pass over this vast Sea to possess it. Therefore let us choose life, that we and our seed may live, by obeying His voice and cleaving to Him, for He is our life and our prosperity.”
— John Winthrop, First Governor of Massachusetts, 1630

America’s Urgent and Desperate Situation!

When America Was Young
In 1892 the U.S. Supreme Court, after reviewing a mountain of evidence, concluded that America did indeed have a rich Christian heritage. And in spite of secularists trying to rewrite American history—it is indisputable that the Christian faith, devotion to God, Jesus Christ, and biblical principles had been heavily weaved throughout the fabric of our nation’s history. Yet, America continues to abandon her godly foundations, and the adverse effects of this are clearly seen in the desperate state of America today. (See Chapter 4 for more details)

America Today…
It is evident that America, like a prodigal, is raging down a path of great sin and self-destruction. As a nation it seems we are in the midst of the greatest moral and spiritual crisis we have ever witnessed—both inside and outside the church. At almost every level it seems America is in a state of emergency with many alarmed and deeply concerned with not only the moral and spiritual state, but the political, economic, educational, social, and cultural direction of our nation. In addition to this, we are seeing an ever increasing contention that threatens to rip our nation a part at the seams. Like ancient Rome, we are witnessing all the historical warning signs of an empire on the verge of implosion.

The progressive war against God and our nation’s foundations has taken its toll and continues to thrust America further down a path of self-destruction and great judgment. As a nation we have progressively slapped the hand of God and His goodness off of every part of our society — then we wonder why God is lifting His hand of blessing and protection from our nation. We wonder why our troubles and problems continue to multiply and escalate?

Right now it’s like a war zone and the casualties are everywhere as we allow the enemy of our souls to ravage the land! We are seeing a nation of prodigals, deceived, bound and confused; backslidden pastors with broken lives; broken marriages and families with broken hearts, broken homes, and broken dreams—a broken Nation. (See Chapter 5 for more details)

My Heart Aches for America:

“Self-centered indulgence, pride, and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle. Yet the farther we get from God, the more the world spirals out of control.”   — from Billy Graham’s 2012 open prayer letter

The Root of the Problem

This is not about politics, but the heart and soul(s) of a nation.

It is becoming more evident with each day that our nation’s current political, legislative, economic, and social issues are not the real problem, but rather the fruit of a much deeper root problem. Right now just changing a law or putting a new political party or person in place will be like putting a Band-Aid on a deeply rooted cancer. If we truly want to see real and lasting change, then we must first deal with the root of the problem—the heart and soul(s) of the nation.

Overall, the fruit we are seeing throughout America is a reflection of the inward spiritual and moral condition of the people, like a cancer spreading throughout our nation. Real change that lasts begins in the hearts and soul(s) of our nation. (See Chapter 13 for more details)

America has a decision to make, which path to take:

Path 1: America’s Current Path = Destruction

PATH 1 portrays the result of a nation that rages against God — a nation without God, without His goodness, His mercy, His abundant provision and His hand of protection. This is why God is crying out for the Church (His Body) to intervene, not only to stand in the gap but rise up and lead our nation to it’s knees in the Greatest Awakening ever seen!

America’s great sin and rage against God is leading to:
• Being humbled by God
• God removing His blessing and protection
• Greater natural disasters and storms
• Economic collapse
• Greater civil unrest and blood in the streets
• Enemy attacks and war from shore to shore
• Greater Christian persecution
• Increasing lawlessness and loss of liberties
• The nation’s destruction and demise
(See Chapters 2, 9 & 11 for more details)
See below: Why is America on a Path of Great Destruction?

Path 2: God’s Path = Great Change & Restoration

PATH 2 portrays a nation that genuinely honors and fears the Lord. A nation humbly aligning with God and His ways. A nation awakened, healed and restored. A nation covered with God’s goodness, His mercy, His abundant provision and His hand of protection.  “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

God’s leaders implementing His Answer and America humbling herself in genuine repentance to God will lead to:
• A Great Awakening sweeping across America
• Multitudes coming to Christ and prodigals return
• America on her knees turning back to God
• A great cleansing in the land and in government
• God’s healing, protection, and blessing returns
• Great leadership
• Restoration of the godly foundations
• Rise of a New Republic
(See Chapter 25 for more details)
See some of “God’s Answer” here.

“God’s objective is life and restoration, not death and destruction (John 10:10; Ezek. 33:11). God’s warnings and judgments come not to condemn but rather to awaken and turn America from her path of utter self-destruction.”
— from “God’s Answer For America”

Read God’s Prophetic Cry & Warning to Awaken our nation.

“When your judgments come, the people learn what is right and just.” Isaiah 26:9
God’s redemptive judgments are meant to turn our hearts back to Him.

Romans 2:4 tells us it’s the kindness and goodness of God that leads us to repentance, and this is true. But sadly, when a nation such as America tramples on the kindness, grace and mercy of God and instead uses it to further her own destructive life style then God must deal with that nation and it wickedness more severely in order to bring repentance (See Romans 11:22). This truth is demonstrated throughout Biblical history. This is why we must act now!

”Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God.” Romans 11:22

NOTE: We cover in greater depth and biblical detail HOW GOD DEALS WITH NATIONS in chapters 8-9 of the book, God’s Answer for America. Then Chapters 10 and 11 reveal a compelling prophetic sequence and how this all relates to America. Then the 2nd half of the book offers tremendous vision and hope for the astounding change that will come if we heed God’s solution. You can order it here or anywhere books and ebooks are sold.

Why is America on a Path of Great Destruction?

Scripture tells us that righteousness exalts a nation and that blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. But, rejection of God and His righteous ways has the opposite effect, as we are clearly seeing in America.

The progressive war against God and our nation’s foundations has taken its toll and continues to thrust America further down a path of self-destruction. The truth is as a nation we have progressively slapped the hand of God and His goodness off of every part of our society—then we wonder why God is lifting His hand of blessing from our nation.

The removal of prayer and Bible reading from our public schools was a sign of a critical turning point in our nation, and  just the beginning of a progressive attack that began to strip away the godly foundations that had made and kept America great and strong for so long. For a mere decade later (1973), the fundamental “right to life” was stripped away from children in the womb. Then came the removal of the Ten Commandments in our schools and courts, even though God’s laws are supreme over ours!

As never before, we are also seeing an aggressive attack against fundamental Christianity and biblical truths. Those who hold to the truth of God’s Word were once honored in our society, but now they are painted as extremists and  hateful bigots.

The truth is, the more we remove God – who is light, the greater the darkness, demonic influence and evil forces rush in bringing deception, destruction, calamity, chaos, and death across our nation.

Seductive, Polluted Media and Entertainment:
All forms of media (movies, TV shows, internet, games, music, and books) are pouring into and flooding minds and hearts with the celebration of perversion, violence, occultism, homosexuality, and moral decay at levels today that decades ago would have appalled and shocked us! In addition we are seeing an obsession with the dark side, such as zombies, vampires, demons, and witchcraft, often mixed with seduction and sexual perversion.

These things are not only polluting and defiling the hearts and minds of those in our culture but also the airwaves and atmosphere of our nation – like a gross darkness covering the people. It is little wonder we are seeing our culture sinking lower in the pit of moral decay and debauchery.

Great Greed:
It is true that “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Tim. 6:10). Money itself is a tool, a resource to be used for good or evil. The love of it, including greed, lust for wealth, and power (control), leads to all kinds of sin including much corruption and injustice we are seeing throughout America on many levels.

Greed has been a driving force behind many damaging things we are seeing such as the polluting media and entertainment. Lust for money, power, and control also drives gambling, drugs, and organized crime, including corruption in both business and government.

Most in America consider abortion a political issue and a woman’s right. 
We must consider the fact first that women do have rights! They have a right to take contraceptives. They have a right to abstain from sex outside of marriage. They have a right to put their child up for adoption. But no woman and no doctor should have the right to take the life of an innocent and defenseless child! Abortion is killing our own flesh and blood.

Scientifically (DNA), biologically (blood and heart beat), and biblically (see Jeremiah 1:5; Leviticus 17:11) it is undeniable—abortion ends life. How can we as a people and nation justify the right to kill our own children?

America’s Greatest Debt

America’s greatest debt is not an economic or financial accounting; America’s greatest debt is the accounting for the flood of innocent blood shed—over fifty-five million human lives aborted! God requires there be an accounting, a day of reckoning (avenging), for the murder of each and every innocent unborn child (Gen. 9:5-6).

Over forty years and fifty-five million aborted babies have symbolically brought a “flood of blood” knee deep polluting our land! This issue alone would bring terrible judgment upon America. God does not want to bring great judgment, but His justice can only be delayed so long. Regarding this, Thomas Jefferson once said, “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

See here why God takes the shedding of innocent blood (like Abortion) so seriously. And why this issue alone could bring great judgment upon our nation.

Note: Does God still bring Judgment today? See answers to objections here.

We have greatly compromised on most every level. In both the pulpits and pews across America, it seems we have become sin friendly, and now seeing unbelievable statistics of adultery, divorce, drunkenness, homosexuality, abortion, and over 68 percent of men in church and over 50 percent of pastors regularly viewing pornography!
When we look at the condition of our churches and our nation, we have to ask, “What in the world is being preached from the pulpits of America?” The sad truth is the American church is steeped in compromise because the teaching of God’s Word has been compromised.

Many in our pulpits today have ceased to be the leaders God has called them to be and instead have become followers of the culture and have compromised the truth in order to serve and please man rather than God. In our efforts to make God and His Word more marketable, unoffending, acceptable, relevant, feel-good, and seeker-friendly, we have watered it down and avoid life-changing words like repentance, surrender, sacrifice, and also the word sin. We have replaced the fear of God with the fear of man; and in doing so we have made the “narrow way” broad and paved with compromise (Matt. 7:14). Then we scratch our heads and wonder why America has lost her moral compass and why sin is running rampant, even in our churches.

While this soft, sugar coated, seeker-friendly approach may be gaining attendees in our seats, we are losing a nation!

The “gatekeepers” of our land start at the top—America’s civil leaders and spiritual leaders. They are entrusted with power and authority to lead our churches and nation. And what they allow or disallow affects the nation. Both honoring and dishonoring God has consequences. There was an obvious pattern throughout biblical history.

Honor God: When the leaders or kings honored God and His ways, rooted out evil, and acted righteously, then God gave them favor, caused them to prosper, delivered them from trouble, and gave them peace. The whole nation was positively affected because righteousness exalts a nation (Prov. 14:34).

Dishonor God: However, when a nation’s kings or leaders dishonored God, were bad or wicked, the whole nation was negatively affected (Prov. 29:2),  but can also open the door to judgment and destruction.

Indeed, overall the Pulpits of America have played a key role in what we are seeing in our nation. The following prophetic word provides more insight regarding this.

The Pulpits: Allowing Great Sin and Destruction

In June 8, 2008, in a word God gave Cindy, He was speaking of how great sin in many pulpits of America was severely affecting both His people and our nation:

“You say mercy, mercy, grace, grace and you think that will erase the hidden sin you continue to live and revel in! Your words are nothing to Me, It is your actions that I see! You have trampled on My grace, and made a mockery of My mercy, and you have taught My people the same, And now My name is shamed! Now My people think that I am OK with sin.

You have opened the door and let it into My sanctuary, Into My Holy place, You have made My house one of disgrace. You have defiled My house and defiled My people! The sin is destroying My people, destroying My church, And destroying your nation!” (You can read the full word “Judgment is Coming to the Pulpits of America” here)

Pastors, you are the gatekeeper of your church and community/city. What you allow or disallow in as a shepherd and steward over God’s house and people you will stand accountable for before the Lord.

Judgment is coming to the pulpits of America for “judgment must begin the the house of God” (1 Pet. 4:17). This does not mean a condemning judgment, but a purifying and purging that brings change!

Note: Sadly, we see above that the American Church is actually part of the problem!

We can fight day and night to change laws and legislation, but only God can change the heart and soul of a nation. We must have a Great Awakening! And it begins with the Pastors/Pulpits of America. See how here.

WHY God is saying…

When we take a close look at the State of America, it will become clear why God in the “America, America!” prophecy said:

“America, America! You are filled with sin. You have exchanged My glory and My truth for a lie. You have cast My Word and every restraint aside…
Free yourself, America; turn from your sin. Turn from your perversions, your lusts and greed Humble yourself and cry out to Me. Choose life and not death! For the cries of the unborn are calling out to Me. The blood you have shed is knee deep…”
Read the full prophecy here

Together, We Can Change the Course of a Nation!

God’s perfect will for America is not judgment — greater natural disasters, drought, calamity, economic collapse, blood in our streets and war from shore to shore. God wants to instead bring a Great Awakening and pour out His Spirit from shore to shore! See a glimpse of what this Great Awakening looks like here!

Right Now, God is calling Pastors and Christians all across America to help change the destructive course of our nation. This is a time of preparation and visitation for the Greatest Awakening ever seen. To learn more and start implementing God’s Answer today click below.

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