More than an event…this is a Paradigm Shift that will dramatically change our churches and our nation!

How Do We Begin Changing Our Nation?

Overall, the desperate state of our nation is a mere reflection of the inward spiritual and moral condition of the people, and like a cancer it continues to spread throughout our nation. To change the destructive course of America we must first go to the root of the problem, which is the heart and soul(s) of those in our nation.

The truth is, we can fight day and night to change laws and legislation, but only God can change the heart and soul of a nation. The change we want to see has to begin first in us, in God’s House, beginning with the pulpits and pews of America. For we are called to lead the way! (See Chapter 13 for more details)

Implementing God’s Answer Changes Everything

1. The Pulpits Hold the Keys to the Great Awakening

2. Effective Nation-Changing Prayer (is 3 fold)

3. A “Paradigm Shift” in our Churches = Transformation in our Nation

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The Pulpits Hold the Keys!

A true Great Awakening begins with God’s divine order — His leaders in the pulpits all across America. God is calling all of us to our knees, beginning with those in the pulpits, for they hold the keys to change everything.

In Joel, God called for His leaders to lead the way in massive corporate repentance, prayer and fasting.“Hear the word of the LORD…Hear this you elders…Let the priests, who minister to the LORD, Weep between the porch and the altar.” Joel 1:1-2; 2:17)

Pastors and Christian Leaders Must Rise Up and Lead the Way:
We believe the case could be made that biblically speaking, the highest place of ultimate authority and influence for our nation lies not in Washington, DC, but rather in the pulpits of America; for the spiritual greatly effects the natural (Eph. 6:12). God’s leaders and people hold the greatest spiritual authority as ambassadors representing the supreme kingdom of God, and Christ, the King of kings (Matt. 28:18–20; Rev. 19:16). Like gatekeepers—what the church allows or disallows both inside and outside the church can affect the entire nation (Matt. 18:18). See More Here.

God’s Call to the Pulpits — How to Bring the Great Awakening!

During a focused time of prayer for America and the church, God brought forth a strong and heartfelt word with clear instructions on how to bring the greatest awakening and how to bring America to her knees and back to Him. We ask you to please read this carefully and prayerfully. Our prayer is every pastor, every five-fold minister in America will hear God’s cry and respond.

Excerpt from Chapter 17 of the book, God’s Answer For America.
God is calling the Pastors to their knees…
in Repentance, in Prayer, in Humility, in Unity…
Then we will see the Glory of God come upon the Church.
Then we will see the Glory of God come upon the nation…

God is waitingGod is waiting upon the leaders in His house.
He’s waiting upon the Five-fold ministry.

We will see such a Great Awakening across this land.
We will see the power of God and His Mighty hand.
But it must begin with the Five-Fold Ministry.
And God is calling them to their knees, in Repentance, in Prayer, in Humility, in Unity.
And it will flow from the Pulpits to the Pew.
And then it will flow like a massive river to the multitudes.
It will sweep across the land, greater than we have ever seen.

“There is NO OTHER WAY!” says the Spirit of God.

For I am showing My Church…My leaders how to bring a nation to Me…
How to bring America to her knees…to Me.
And the Spirit of God would say. Will you cooperate with Me?

You can read the full word here.

If God’s Leaders and people will truly respond in obedience to God’s cry and instructions—we will see the heavens opened and a holy visitation—a cleansing and purifying fire that will hit our pulpits and send ripple effects throughout the pews and out into the city streets and across our nation from shore to shore! (See Chapter 17 for more details)

If ever we needed strong leaders in the Pulpits of America, it’s right now!

“3 KEYS” to Dramatically Change Everything

Following are three keys that when initiated by Pastors and the Pulpits all across America they will begin to release the Spirit of God to flow like a river from the pulpits, to the pew, then to the multitudes—bringing America to her knees in the Greatest Awakening ever seen. These keys will also be the catalyst to begin raising up the Glorious Church to be salt and light and all she is destined to be.

Key 1. A Baptism of Genuine Repentance – nationwide – from the pulpits to the pews.

Only a baptism of genuine repentance sweeping like a wave across our churches will open the door and position us for genuine change that lasts. God wants to do a GREAT work in and through His Church!

A nation on it’s knees has to begin with us — the Church! For this is a time of great preparation and visitation. Right now, God is calling His leaders and people to their knees in Genuine Repentance. For the time has come for judgment (to purge, cleanse, and purify) to begin at the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17). This is a time to invite the Spirit of God to conduct an internal investigation of our hearts, motives, our lives, our churches and ministries. This is a time to allow the cleansing fires of the Holy Spirit to reveal, root out and pluck up those things in our lives and churches that are besetting us (holding us back), and hindering the great work God wants to do in us and through us.

Without this 1st Key of genuine repentance our prayers and efforts are hindered and there will be no Great Awakening.

Daniel – a Great Example
Daniel was a godly man who understood the times and he led the way on his knees— repenting and praying on behalf of his people (see Daniel 9). Daniel said, “We have sinned.” He took the sins of God’s people, the nation, upon his own shoulders and led the way.

God needs strong leaders to lead the way in the pulpits on their knees in repentance, in humility, and in brokenness crying out for our churches and our nation. Will you be a Daniel for the church, a leader, an example for the people?

Following are some key areas grieving the Spirit of God and greatly hindering the American church from positively and powerfully impacting our nation. Toggle the [+] to see the list.

Genuine Repentance for:
• Great sin and compromise in the both Pulpits and Pews of America — allowing darkness and evil to invade our nation.
• Idolatry/many other lovers – lovers of self and pleasures more than lovers of God (2 Tim. 3).
• Allowing ourselves to be seduced and defiled by the unholy and  unclean (polluted by the world’s entertainment).
• Building God’s House our own way instead of His way as a House of Prayer (Mark 11:17).
• Watering down and compromising the Word of God and His character.
• Our self-centered gospel that has kept the church spiritually dwarfed and immature.
• Not speaking the Truth – in love (with the compassion and heart of God).

The evidence for genuine repentance will be the fruit of a change first in our churches. We cannot go back to church as usual!

In chapter 18, we cover in much more detail what “Genuine Repentance” looks like and we also offer a “Prayer of Repentance” as an example that can adopted.

Key 2. DailyNation-Changing Prayer” — everywhere.

Pure, passionate, and persistent prayer!

Extreme times call for extreme measures! We must have a great Paradigm shift in our Churches — regarding the power and priority of nation-changing prayer. Think “National Day of Prayer” type magnitude — but everyday! Jesus told His disciples they should always pray and not give up (Luke 18:1). Then He said, “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night?” (Luke 18: 7).

Imagine…the daily prayers of God’s leaders and people being “poured out like rain” all across America in such a way that the spiritual atmosphere over our churches, communities, cities, and the whole nation begins to shift and change from coast to coast.

Imagine…Churches across America truly becoming “Glorious Houses of Prayer” where rivers of intercession are flowing into our communities, our cities, and flooding the nation. As prophetically and symbolically described in Ezekiel 47 (and Revelation 22). A River of Life that flows from God’s House (His Dwelling Place) and brings life, healing and restoration wherever it goes.

Then imagine the Spirit, power and glory of God descending and sweeping across our land from coast to coast bringing a nation to its knees in the greatest awakening ever seen. This is what God desires to do—He’s just waiting on us! See the related Vision: A Great Awakening Sweeps across America!

The POWER to change our nation is not in Washington, DC—it’s in the pulpits and pews all across America, on their knees. True change in our nation will not come on the floor of the senate, but on the floor of the prayer closet across the nation and in our churches…The church praying God’s way can bring a monumental shift from coast to coast.”

“God’s is calling His people everywhere to pour out their prayers like rain every day until God pours out His Spirit across this nation and we see everything change (Zech. 4:6). Only “Rivers of intercession” (our prayers) from coast to coast will alter the course of this nation, bringing America to her knees and back to God…”

— quotes from God’s Answer For America.

God will be raising up “glorious houses of prayer” everywhere that will play a critical role in our nation and in these last days, and your church can be part of it! from God’s Answer For America

“Nation-Changing Prayer” takes shape in two ways:

Part 1: Begin Pure, Passionate, and Persistent Prayer
Prayers in alignment with God’s will must be:

Pure—no hidden sin or unforgiveness (Isa. 59:2; Mark 1:25)
Passionate—fervent prayer of the righteous is very effective (James 5:16)
Persistent—relentless until will see God answer (1 Kings 18:20-40)
For more details see “The Changing the Course of a Nation” prophecy

Part 2: Establish “Glorious Houses of Prayer” Everywhere
God’s mandate is for His house to be a “house of prayer” (Isa. 56:7; Matt. 21:13; Luke 19:46; Mark 11:17)—to be a light house with God’s Word, worship, and prayer at its very core. We need churches all across America connecting with heaven and releasing God’s rivers of life (Ezek. 47; Rev. 22), healing, and restoration into their communities, cities, and the nation for sweeping and lasting change to come. Rivers of prayer will flow out and souls will flow in. (See Chapter 19 for more details)

Will You and Your Church Be a Part of History?
We are standing on the threshold of the greatest outpouring we have ever seen, an outpouring of the glory of God in the church and then in the earth. God is calling for His people to come to Him, pouring out our prayers like rain until we see everything change. Will you join with us in “Nation-Changing Prayer” and be a part of the greatest move of God in history?

See Key Related Prophetic Word:
Rivers of Prayer Will Flow Out, Souls Will Flow In.

Key 3. Unify – Work As One

God is calling His leaders across the nation to unite and run with His Answer for our churches and nation. God is getting ready to take everything to a whole new level. Many have prayed for unity; and we believe when keys 1 and 2 are implemented, the Spirit of God will be released to bring His church to a level of unity we have never seen before. Think Acts 2 multiplied across the nation!

Example of Unity and Persistent Prayer resulting in God’s Glory
Acts 1:14 accounts how the 120 all prayed continually, with one agenda— praying until they received the Promise of the Father. Then when they were in one accord and at the appointed time, the Spirit and glory of God came down and birthed the New Testament church. Likewise, God is calling and instructing us to unite in one accord and pray continually until we see Him come and pour out His Spirit and glory upon our churches and upon our nation as He has promised. (See Chapter 20 for more details)

Note: These keys, they may seem simple (even obvious); however, what makes God’s Answer unique are His instructions on how these three keys are to be used. God’s prescribed way makes all the difference. For details see Chapters 17-20 in the book.

God is showing His people HOW to turn our nation back to Him!

When God’s Leaders nationwide humbly unite and lead the way in:
1. A Baptism of Genuine Repentance
2. Daily “Nation-changing Prayer” — everywhere
3. Unify—Begin Working Together as One

Only then we will see…

• The glory of God come upon the church.
• The glory of God come upon the nation.
• Things within our government changed.
• Things in high places moved, changed, rearranged
• Restoration of the godly foundations.
• Severe judgment will be averted or at least mitigated.
• A New Day for our churches and nation.
For more details in Chapter 25 “The Results: Then We Will See…”
and also in “The Changing the Course of a Nation” prophecy

The book God’s Answer For America”  provide more details and a strategic plan to HOW we can to begin dramatically transform our churches, cites and our nation! You can order it here to day.

Now is the time to begin!

Take Action: Begin Here!

Why this is so important!

If God’s leaders and people will unite in church-wide genuine repentance and massive daily prayer—everywhere—we will begin to see everything shift and a Great Awakening sweep across our churches and bring our nation to it’s knees. It begins with you!

However, if God’s leaders and people do not unite in genuine repentance and release “rivers of intercession” into our nation we will instead see God’s greater judgments upon America as He spoke of in the “America, America!” Prophecy. (See Path 1). We say this not to incite fear but rather awaken us all to a “Fear of the Lord” which is for our good, and communicate a great sense of urgency to embrace and run with God’s Answer For America!

Now is the time to embrace and run with God’s Answer—because lives, families, churches, and our nation are hanging in the balance; much is at stake. And what we begin to do right now will determine the course of this nation—destruction or restoration.

God’s Answer is not a political solution or a legislative solution, it is a holy solution! 

Together, We Can Change a Nation!

Right Now, God is calling Pastors and Christians all across America to help change the destructive course of our nation. This is a time of preparation and visitation for the Greatest Awakening ever seen. To learn more and start implementing God’s Answer today click below.

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