God Always Has the Answer!

BOOK EXCERPT: Seeking God’s Answer
Throughout biblical history we see that often when God’s people faced a crisis or battle, their leaders would inquire of the Lord and seek out His counsel. God always had the answer and gave them specific instructions that if carried out in obedience would always lead them to amazing and often miraculous victories. God has not changed His ways (Mal. 3:6)!

This is one of the key parts of 2 Chronicles 7:14 that seems to be often over-looked: “If My people [will]…seek My face” (emphasis added). As God’s people and leaders humble themselves, repent, pray, and seek Him—inquire of Him— God will present a solution, an answer for the nation. We believe He has done this. For it was during an extended season of prayer and fasting, that God revealed His instructions of how to bring a Great Awakening and turn America back to Him and greatly change our churches and our nation on multiple levels. God’s Answer changes everything!

God’s Answer for America is a timely prophetic and compelling message, with a strategic plan that reveals how to dramatically transform our churches, cities, and nation.

America is raging down a path of self-destruction. And what we (the church) do or don’t do at this pivotal time in history will determine the course of this nation—either the collapse and destruction of America or the greatest awakening ever seen. One way or another everyone will be affected! NOW is the time to embrace and run with God’s Answer for America to help save and change our nation! Order one for you and your pastor today.

The first half of this book awakens us to the severity of what’s coming if America does not change course quickly. Then the second half of the book offers tremendous vision and hope of the astounding change that will come if we will simply heed God’s answer and cooperate with Him. See the “Table of Contents” [here]. 

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