Confirming Dream: Rain and Rivers!

We wanted to share a powerful and confirming dream from The Prayer-Saturated Church book.

Excerpt from page 31:
God’s desire is that your congregation will be known as a House of Prayer—a habitation for His presence and glory that transcends the walls of your church.

The goal is for prayer to saturate every aspect of the individual and corporate life of the church. In this stage, the whole congregation becomes consumed with a passion for intimacy with Christ that spills over into the entire community.

It’s like the dream the prayer leader at First Baptist in Boerne, Texas shared with me:

“All of a sudden it began to rain in the sanctuary. The people were rejoicing. They didn’t seem to mind the rain at all! As the worship became sweeter and the prayer more fervent, the water kept getting higher and higher. Then someone opened the door and it began to flow out into the street.  It touched everything in it’s path—homes, other churches, people without Christ. And everywhere the water flowed, there was life”

I believe it is symbolic of what God is about to do with His House of Prayer. He is calling the church to a place of intimacy with Him. As we respond by inviting the presence of the Lord into our midst, we will see the power of God transform our churches, communities and the world.
End of excerpt.

This relates directly to three main things we share on this website and in our book God’s Answer For America.

1.  How to “Change the course of a Nation” word when God says:

“Tell them—the course of the nation is in their hands, if they will but pray…
If their prayers would pour out like rain, like rain, like rain…If they will pray and press in, not just one day, but everyday—they will see everything change…

They will see the things within their government changed. They will see things in high places moved, changed, rearranged, And come in line with what is divine. And come in line with what I am calling this nation to. If they will cause their prayers to pour forth like rain, like rain, Then I will pour down My presence upon this nation.
I will pour down upon My church.
I will pour down upon My people.
And that which many have tried to do through the decades and have failed,
I shall do and I shall turn by My Spirit. I will change this nation….”
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2. The prophetic “Glorious Houses of Prayer — Rivers will flow out…”

“…Rivers are going to flow out of My House – into the communities and into the cities, and souls will flow in. And prayers will flow out, and souls will pour in. And I will begin to disciple, to transform, and to change….”
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3. How the Great Awakening Will Come!

“…God is waiting…God is waiting upon the leaders in His house.
He’s waiting upon the Five-fold ministry.

We will see such a Great Awakening across this land.
We will see the power of God and His Mighty hand.
But it must begin with the Five-Fold Ministry.
And God is calling them to their knees, in Repentance, in Prayer, in Humility, in Unity.
And it will flow from the Pulpits to the Pew.
And then it will flow like a massive river to the multitudes.
It will sweep across the land, greater than we have ever seen.

“There is NO OTHER WAY!” says the Spirit of God….”
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What God wants to do in our churches and across this our nation is astounding, if God’s leaders and people will cooperate with Him.

Pastor, Christian, Begin Today!