To Prayer Event/Movement Leaders:

We believe your prayer event can be very significant in bringing our nation to its knees in a Great Awakening.  You may already have all this as part of your event, if not we humbly ask that you prayerfully consider this:

During a night of worship and prayer early 2013, our son Joshua shared a vision.

He could see a massive dam holding back an ocean of water; as far as he could see, it seemed never ending. This water represented the prayers of the saints that were being stored up—prayers over the years and even generations for change in our churches, in our nation, for a great spiritual awakening and more.

The pressure on the dam was so great that little cracks started to form, and some of the water was spilling out here and there. The little cracks represented some positive change in America or a move of God here and there.

God wants to encourage His people and especially those heading up the prayer movements that God has heard every prayer and your efforts have not been in vain. When everything gets to a certain point, this dam will break forth and it will be like nothing we have ever seen. This is why the greater the number of people praying, the quicker it could burst or the greater it will be when it comes!

If we continue in “nation changing prayer” we will see the dam break and a massive wave of God’s Spirit, convicting power, and glory sweep across our nation.

We believe in order to see our churches and nation truly change—there must be a monumental “paradigm shift” in our churches regarding prayer; for until the church gets this right, we will continue to see limited results in our efforts. But once churches across our nation begin to engage in daily prayer (incorporating repentance – pure, passionate, persistent prayer) – for rivers of intercession to flow from shore to shore – to mitigate greater judgment and bring the Greatest Awakening ever seen. (See chapter 17 & 19 in our book, God’s Answer For America).

A “Paradigm Shift” in our Churches = Transformation in our Nation

God will be raising up “glorious houses of prayer” everywhere that will play a critical role in our nation and in these last days, and your church will be part of it! — from God’s Answer For America book

If not already planned – please seriously consider using these Prayer events as a catalyst to birth and begin a movement/Paradigm Shift in the local churches all across America by urging Pastors and Christians, the pulpits and pews to continue praying every day until we see everything change. In essence, these great events would become the catalyst for massive church-wide transformation and reformation – for churches across America to become what we call, “Glorious House of Prayer” (See more here) to connect with and release Rivers of Heaven to flow into their streets, their community, their city, and into the nation.

Imagine God’s leaders and people uniting together with one heart, one mind, one purpose, and one united divine plan to save, change and reform our nation. Unity in great humility and prayer, as the 120 did in the Book of Acts, ushered in the birth of the church and a whole new era. Just as the Founding Fathers united and as a result everything changed and a new nation was born, God is calling His leaders and people to humbly unify our efforts, follow His answer—His instructions to save and change our nation, and at the same time birth a new era of the church (the glorious church). It will be a work of the Holy Spirit, but it will also be an act of humble obedience from His leaders.

We believe God is calling all of us as His leaders and people at this very critical time to humble ourselves and unite under one divine plan to bring America to her knees in a great awakening and reformation. We propose the outline for such a plan in Chapter 24 of our book.