It was the morning as we were praying in agreement with the National day of Prayer, May 7, 2009. As we were praying in agreement at home, God spoke a powerful word, revealing how to change the course of the nation.  He revealed 3 things need to be in operation to have maximum effect and bring “nation-changing” results. These three prayer components are:

1. Pure prayer (unhindered)
2. Passionate prayer (fervent)
3. Persistent prayer (relentless)

The following is the prophetic word itself regarding these.

How to Change the Course of a Nation

May 7, 2009 prophecy through Cindy deVille

“Tell them—the course of the nation is in their hands, if they will but pray…
If their prayers would pour out like rain, like rain, like rain…If they will pray and press in, not just one day, but everyday—they will see everything change…
[Persistent Prayer]

They will see the things within their government changed. They will see things in high places moved, changed, rearranged, And come in line with what is divine. And come in line with what I am calling this nation to. If they will cause their prayers to pour forth like rain, like rain, Then I will pour down My presence upon this nation.
I will pour down upon My church.
I will pour down upon My people.
And that which many have tried to do through the decades and have failed,
I shall do and I shall turn by My Spirit. I will change this nation.

So I am calling My people to pray and to come to Me, For only I have the power, only I contain the power to turn this nation back to Me. So tell them to come to Me, and to cry out to Me and to not let go, to not quit, to not back down, until they see Me crown their efforts and their prayers with success. Until they see Me come and pour out My Spirit upon this nation. Tell them, tell them—the course of the nation is in their hands, if they will but pray!

Turn, turning, turning from their own wicked ways. If they would turn—for it is the effectual and fervent prayer of the righteous, The righteous, the righteous that will accomplish and avail much. It is the prayers of the righteous man and woman that stand before Me. Those who are in right standing before Me. Those are the effectual and fervent prayers that will change this nation.
[Pure & Passionate Prayer]

So do not come to Me and cry out with hidden sin in your heart, With unforgiveness and hatred, but come to Me as a holy people—for I am holy. Come to Me as a righteous man and a righteous woman… Then I will hear you, I will hear you, and I will answer you. Do you not think I have the power to change a whole nation? I do.
But I am waiting upon you!

I am waiting upon you My church.
I am waiting upon you to turn to Me with all of your heart, To lay aside all of your idols. To lay aside all of the things that are coming between you and Me. You must be doers of My Word and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

These are not just dead words I speak to you today. But I am showing you the way to turn this nation. If you will but listen to Me and heed, And do My word that I have spoken to you, Then you will see everything change.”

Nation-Changing Prayer is:
1. Pure prayer (unhindered)
2. Passionate prayer (fervent)
3. Persistent prayer (relentless)

Together, with God we can change a Nation!

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