Implementing God’s Answer Changes Everything

1. The Pulpits Hold the Keys to the Great Awakening

2. Effective “Nation-Changing” Prayer (is 3 fold)

3. A “Paradigm Shift” in our Churches = Transformation in our Nation

1. The Pulpits Hold the Keys

A true Great Awakening begins with God’s divine order — His leaders in the pulpits of America. 

Divine Order and Authority:
We believe the case could be made that biblically speaking, the highest place of ultimate authority and influence for our nation lies not in Washington, DC, but rather in the pulpits of America; for the spiritual greatly effects the natural (Eph. 6:12). God’s divine designated order is from the pulpits to the pews, and then the multitudes (our nation)—from the top of the mountain (spiritually speaking) to everywhere else below. God is calling His leaders and people to their knees!

“As in biblical times, God once again is calling for His priests to prepare themselves and to lead the people, to help save and change a nation.” — from God’s Answer For America

The Gatekeepers:
Like gatekeepers—what the God’s leaders and people allow or disallow both inside and outside the church can affect the entire nation (Matt. 18:18). Changing our nation starts with changing the church, and this starts with the pulpits.

In 2010, during a focused time of prayer for America and the church, God brought forth a strong and heartfelt word with clear instructions on how to bring the greatest awakening and how to bring America to her knees and back to Him. We ask you to please read this carefully and prayerfully. Our prayer is every pastor, every five-fold minister in America will hear God’s cry and respond.

Excerpt from Chapter 17 of the book, God’s Answer For America.
God is calling the Pastors to their knees…
in Repentance, in Unity, in Humility…
Then we will see the Glory of God come upon the Church.
Then we will see the Glory of God come upon the nation…

God is waitingGod is waiting upon the leaders in His house.
He’s waiting upon the Five-fold ministry.

We will see such a Great Awakening across this land.
We will see the power of God and His Mighty hand.
But it must begin with the Five-Fold Ministry.
And God is calling them to their knees, in Repentance, in Prayer, in Humility, in Unity.
And it will flow from the Pulpits to the Pew.
And then it will flow like a massive river to the multitudes.
It will sweep across the land, greater than we have ever seen.

“There is NO OTHER WAY!” says the Spirit of God.

For I am showing My Church…My leaders how to bring a nation to Me…
How to bring America to her knees…to Me.
And the Spirit of God would say. Will you cooperate with Me?

You can read the full word here.

The Keys:
The 3 Keys the Pulpits hold we touch on in The Solution – God’s Answer page of the website. For much more details about the 3 Keys and the Pulpits role – see Chapters 16-20 in our book God’s Answer For America.

Only God’s prescribed way and divine order will bring the great awakening and the real, lasting change we need.

2. Effective Nation-Changing Prayer (is 3 fold)

“Nation-Changing Prayer” is 3 fold:

1. Pure—no hidden sin or unforgiveness.
This requires a genuine repentance to position us for effective, unhindered prayer. For it is the effective fervent prayer of the righteous that is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

2. Passionate—fervent prayer of the righteous is very effective.

3. Persistent—relentless until will see the answers.
Daily prayer for our churches and nation is required before we will see everything change.

See the “Changing The Course of a Nation Prophecy”

Note: Special Prayer days and events are powerful and significant, and our hopes are they would be the catalyst to prompt prayer across our nation—not just one day but every day with Nation-Changing Prayer.

God’s is calling His people everywhere to pour out their prayers like rain every day until God pours out His Spirit across this nation and we see everything change (Zech. 4:6). Only “Rivers of intercession” (our prayers) from the West Coast to the East Coast will alter the course of this nation, bringing America to her knees and back to God.

3. A “Paradigm Shift” in our Churches = Transformation in Our Nation!

Ezekiel 47 gives a prophetic glimpse at the River of God that flows from the Temple of God, this river gets increasingly broader and deeper and it brings healing, life, and fruit wherever it goes. This is a vivid prophetic picture of what He intended His House. His Ecclesia/Church to be. But there is only one way the Spirit of God flows like a River of Life from our churches to bring healing, life, and fruit into our communities—”nation-changing prayer” and worship.

The Spirit of God flowing like a river does not comes from great Bible teaching, church programs, or even worship alone, even though these are all good. The Spirit of God being released always requires prayer. This is why God’s mandate for His house to be a “house of prayer” (Isa. 56:7; Matt. 21:13; Luke 19:46; Mark 11:17)—to be a light house with God’s Word, worship, and prayer at its very core.

We need churches all across America to become a “gateway”—connecting with heaven and releasing God’s rivers of life (Ezek. 47; Rev. 22), healing, and restoration into their communities, cities, and the nation for sweeping and lasting change to come. See our blog post “Prophetic: Glorious House of Prayer – Rivers Flow Out / Souls Flow In.” For more details on all this see Chapter 19 in God’s Answer For America book.

 A Paramount “Paradigm Shift!”

To see our churches and nation truly change—there must be a monumental “paradigm shift” in our churches regarding prayer; for until the church gets this right, we will continue to see limited results in our efforts. God is wanting to turn America from great destruction and back to Him; but it must be a work of His Spirit: “‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD” (Zech. 4:6).

1. The Pulpits hold the keys and must lead the way to save and transform our churches and nation.

2. This must include daily “Nation-Changing Prayer”

3. “Glorious Houses of Prayer” everywhere releasing heavens Rivers of life to flow out and begin changing everything (Ezek. 47; Rev 22).